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Privacy Statement

All email addresses given to us are never sold, leased, loaned or in any way given to others to use.

Concept of Current & Future Operations

We are a Mine Direct SOURCE for AFRICAN and WORLD Gemstones. Our Sales Office/Headquarters are located in Washington State, USA. Gemstoneworld is a combination of Resources from many Countries brought together to form KC Eagle Minerals.

From Diamonds to Pearls, Rough to Cut Gems we strive to supply the BEST Possible Materials available at the best prices.

KC Eagle Minerals’s concept is to supply Gemstones at the best price to a Dealer Network that Spans the Globe.

Would you like to be PART of this concept?

Think of the potential to be able to offer materials like nobody else can! Prices that cannot be beaten, Quality that cannot be compared.

We are currently actively Seeking Potential Dealers to represent these Gemstones we offer and thus run their own Businesses in all States and World Countries. Dealerships are limited; Do Not Delay if you want to join us.

KC Eagle Minerals will covers all aspects of the, Gemstone – Mineral – Fossil – Pearl – Worlds and more to come.

KC Eagle Minerals is committed to only supply the Best of all worlds. We actively seek out new materials from all locations.

We hope you enjoy our World.

Best Wishes,
KC Eagle Minerals